SMC Stainless Steel Business Cards

SMC Stainless Steel Business Cards

Make Your Business Card

As Strong As Your Business!

Paper business cards are a typical part of our daily life both professionally and socially. Yet, for all their use, we all know the pains of flimsy, paper business cards. Whether they are smudged, wet, or broken, a paper business card easily loses its business value when the recipient can’t make out your name or contact information. Such a simple thing as a thin paper card could mean the difference between a multi-million dollar business deal and a forgotten face.

If networking and growing your business contacts is so important, why would you entrust this to a thin piece of paper?

Why not invest in something meaningful and reliable to represent your business? 

Stainless Steel Business Cards from Shanghai Metal Corporation (SMC) offer you the chance to make your business card as strong as your business! 

SMC offers Stainless Steel Business Cards with unique, custom metal material styling, a professional blend of creative design, ultra-fine etching and all at great pricing. Choose from a wide variety of valued and reliable metals including Stainless Steel and Copper, all in portable and sleek designs, vast colors, professional finishes and unique shapes. Not to mention the value to the environment as metal business cards are long-lasting, durable, and recyclable.

For businesses the applications of these cost-effective metal cards are limitless: Bottle Openers, VIP Cards, Club Cards, Transportation, Entertainment, Parking, School, as well as Garment and Electronic Accessories, Etc.

Applications of Stainless Steel Business CardApplications of Stainless Steel Business CardApplications of Stainless Steel Business Card

Stainless Steel Business Cards can provide any business with that necessary edge to create a unique and powerful brand identity. In a world where first impressions mean everything, unique and durable Stainless Steel Business Cards make your business stand out against the competition and leave a lasting meaningful impression with each client every time!  Check Out Our Promotional Video: Click Here!
Details and Specifications

Our Stainless Steel Business Cards can be tailored and machined for your existing or new designs or logos. 

Additionally, SMC provides Design Consultation to help you do define a style that matches your business and your brand.

Please remember to send us the following information with your inquiry: Business Name, Address, Phone Number, and E-mail Address.

Selection and Delivery
Typically, after we have narrowed down three unique designs for your business card, we will send you samples of all three for you to choose from. 

Once you notify us of your desired design choice, our machining process will be completed within a week. Then, we will package and ship your business cards and provide information for order and delivery tracking.

Learn more information and get the price list CLICK HERE! Learn more information about the designs or send you own designs CLICK HERE! Learn more information about SMC Group CLICK HERE!   Fill Out the Form Below:  Get Your Stainless Steel Business Card Today!!


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