One Intern Can Make a Difference


They say a company’s employees are its greatest asset.  It starts from the bottom of the organization all the way up to the CEO.  If employees feel they are on the outside looking in – so far outside that they refer to their company as “they” – then who’s to blame?  Managers and executives may be investing no effort in making employees feel like valued insiders.  Well, that is not the case at Shanghai Metal Corporation (SMC).  SMC believes in their own company’s success by providing the best and valuable experience to its employees.

Meet Kenn Crombé, a native Belgium born citizen who spent his spring term working at SMC for an international-trade internship.  Since the time Kenn has spent at SMC, he has reinforced the work culture and the relationships with his colleagues.  He allowed himself to connect and be open to everyone’s opinions and values, redefining the line between cultural differences.  He was the person that anyone could talk to and he made sure that cultural differences, such as language never hindered a conversation.  Even as a native Dutch and English speaker, he took the time to learn Mandarin and his effort justified his true value for the company’s internal relationships.

Kenn&Brian2Even at the internship level, Kenn valued his work and his interest in learning about shipping and housing containers.  Kenn would spend his mornings reading at least twenty articles a day about his product.  He valued his product so much that he created marketing campaigns that were not only visionary but personable.  He believed in customer satisfaction and that every customer was a priority, not just another number.  His efforts were nothing short of expectation.  He demonstrated great work ethic, enthusiasm, and the determination to gain more knowledge every day.

To show our appreciation for all of Kenn’s hard work, SMC planned a surprise going away party for the international intern.  Bryan Wang, the CEO of SMC made sure that everyone was in attendance at this special event.  Tables were set up flourished with goodies and drinks all over the room.  Kenn stopped by the office one last time but to his surprise, everyone was gathered together for one purpose – to celebrate a special person who brought a company together. HeyJudebryan&arthurHM

Among his peers, Kenn was still in shock of what was going on.  He was beyond speechless that he could not fully comprehend everyone’s effort to execute such an event.  His speech was short and sweet but made sure he thanked all his colleagues and a special thank you to Bryan.  A slideshow of his time at SMC was presented and everyone enjoyed the photos of the company trip to the Huangshan Mountains.  Karaoke was the biggest hit at the party and as the man of the hour, Kenn sang to “Hey Jude” with a few of his colleagues.  Everyone laughed, sang, and enjoyed each other’s company as it was a bitter sweet ending to an impeccable internship opportunity.

The simple truth is that in order to succeed, organizations must establish unyielding internal and external relationships.  The value of one intern can change the dynamic of a work culture.  The importance of having employees that matter is what makes or breaks a company.  SMC is very thankful to have had Kenn Crombé as part of our team.

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