Spain Welcomes New Container Architecture

Exciting news this week for shipping container use in construction! Two Spanish architectural firms, Homre de Piedra and Buró4, joined to design and construct a new terminal for cruise ships in Seville, Spain. The terminal is constructed from 23 repurposed shipping containers, and took only 15 days to construct. After its construction the city of Seville gained 508 square meters (5,468 square feet) of new usable waterfront space.


The containers are stacked to form a two-story structure with select sides removed to create more interior space. Where containers are located one on-top of the other, ceilings were cut out to allow for double height ceilings. Due to the flexible nature of shipping container construction the terminal can be relocated or expanded should the need arise. Aside from its primary use as a cruise ship terminal the space will also be used to host various exhibitions and shows.

spain terminal far sidenight

The unique advantages of using shipping containers in construction:

  • Efficiency in construction time
  • Reduced cost advantage
  • Flexibility in relocation

To learn more about SMC’s shipping containers, click here.

Source: Walsh, Christine. “Spain Gets Its First Shipping Container Ship Terminal.” Jetson Green. N.p., 2 June 2014. Web. 9 June 2014.


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