Big Spending in the California Southland

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are currently spending $1 million and $2.5 million a day on infrastructure projects to accommodate increases in ship size and traffic. Many of the ports systems are outdated when considering its strategic trade importance. Large ships, such as Maersk’s Triple-E Class, present new issues of access to the two LA based ports.container-shipsCurrently Triple-E class ships service European and Asian trade, however, Los Angeles hopes that proper modification of its ports will allow it to accommodate these mega-ships as well.

To achieve this both ports in the past 10 years have:

  • Dredged harbor bottoms to the necessary water depth to accommodate larger ship hulls
  • Installed taller cranes
  • Put in place in on-dock rail that allows for the unloading of cargo onto trains closer to docks
  • Made terminal improvements to handle the influx of cargo

 Port LB cranes

Future plans include:

  • Adding more tall dockside cranes
  • Elongating 15 existing cranes to give them more height and longer reach
  • Improving rail yard and road improvements
  • Constructing a $1.3 billion replacement for the Gerald Desmond Bridge, increasing its height to allow for a 205-foot vertical clearance to accommodate large vessels (plan pictured below)

GDBStill04lgAll these improvements will help keep the United States’ busiest port running smoothly, while also allowing for future growth as sea trade expands.

Shanghai Metal Corporation looks forward  to the new opportunities that LA’s port modifications will bring. To view the products we supply for the maritime transport industry, click here.  

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Source Article: Meeks, Karen R. “Ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles Invest Millions to Accommodate Ships.” Press-Telegram. N.p., 7 June 2014. Web. 11 June 2014. 


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