The Human Bee Hive

Hong-Kong-based architecture firm, OVA studio, has designed a unique concept that utilizes shipping containers and steel beams as its main structural components. Using a play on words to describe the building’s use as a hotel structure, the company calls its design “Hive-inn” .

Hive-inn structure 2

An individual container room can be transported to any location at which it is required. After transport it is essentially “plugged-in” to the steel frame structure at the building location. OVA envisions not only hotel rooms, but also medical care units, emergency housing applications, or office space to be leased for temporary use.

Hive inn slots

Due to the mobility of the units and ease of construction, Hive-inn is viewed by many as a sustainable alternative to current structures. Modules can be consistently reused and recycled, added to a structure, or taken away. The company has even considered in its design plans for the possibility of using individual units as advertising space.

Hive inn economics

Designs like those provided by OVA studios help to inspire new ideas in the container industry. Shanghai Metal Corporation currently provides a variety of shipping containers that can be custom tailored based on customer requests, however we someday hope to provide containers for innovative projects such as “Hive-inn”.

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Source: “OVA Studio Enables Traveling Container Hotel Rooms with Hive-inn – Designboom | Architecture & Design Magazine.” Designboom. N.p., 14 Apr. 2014. Web.

All images are property of OVA studios



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