Bridging the Sustainability Gap

Ariel Sharon Park in Tel Aviv is set to become the largest new urban park built in the world with in the last century . Bigger than Central Park in New York, the Ariel Sharon Park is currently open in a limited format, and will be opened in stages until its completion in 2020. The park will provide new urban green space that centers its design elements on ideas of sustainability. One of the park’s coming attractions will be a 160-meter long bridge constructed entirely of shipping containers.


Designed by Israeli firm Yoav Messer Architects Ltd., the ‘ECOntainer Bridge’ will provide aesthetically pleasing design, while serving the functional purpose of connecting the two sides of the river that runs through the new park. Construction is expected to be minimally invasive as the structure can be assembled off-site, and then transferred to the park location where it will be integrated with a new steel truss. Alongside the main bridge structure will be two cantilevering observation platforms that will offer expansive views of the new nature reserve.


The new bridge is expected to accommodate light vehicle and pedestrian traffic to improve the flow throughout the park. Additionally, the modular nature of the structure will allow containers to be added or reduced should the need arise. Photo-voltaic solar cells will be installed to provide clean electricity to power the bridge’s interior and exterior lighting as well as interior display panels that keep visitors informed on park information.


Once constructed, the ‘ECOntainer’ bridge will help to inspire new sustainable ideas in the container industry. Shanghai Metal Corporation currently provides a variety of shipping containers that can be custom tailored based on customer requests, and we someday hope to provide containers for innovative projects such as the ‘ECOntainer’ bridge.

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Source: “Yoav Messer Architects Ltd: ECOntainer Bridge, Israel – Designboom | Architecture & Design Magazine.” Designboom Architecture Design Magazine Yoav Messer Architects Ltd ECOntainer Bridge Israel Comments. Designboom, n.d. Web. 16 June 2014.

Images provided by:

design team: iftah hayner – architect in charge, hager admi, dani vainer

structural engineering: jacob & yuval achbert
graphic design: bluhm & tal



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