Steel for automotive industry

Steel is a very important material in the automobile industry. On average, each car is made 65% from steel. Why? because steel is the strongest, most affordable material which is possible to engineer in different ways. Its characteristics help engineers to construct the car in a way that it meets the needs of crash safety and required performance of the vehicle.

Shanghai Metal Corporation offers own product line especially designed for the automotive.

Body and Closures Parts:

SMC offers automotive steels in a wide range of specifications and steel materials to help you make high-performance and lightweight vehicles. We deliver the optimum steels yet eco-efficiency in structural and safety performance. To meet our customers’ requirements, we place special emphasis on Class A surface finish.

Steels for Body and Closure Parts:

Cold Rolled Steel,  Hot Rolled Steel,  Galvanized Steel & Glavalume – Vehicle body panel, quarter panel and control panel.



Our metals can be used in a multitude of automotive parts, such as guide rail, fuse, wheel hub and cylinder head gasket. We ensure high standards of safety and environmental performance as always.

Steels for Components:

Aluminum Profile – Guide Rail & wheel hub
Zinc Strip – fuse
Stainless Steel Strip – cylinder head gasket

Seating and Interior

We guarantee passengers safety and comfort without compromising vehicle performance. We offer a wide range of metal products for seating and interior structural components.

Steels for Seating and Interior:

Spring Steel Strip – Belt
Zinc Strip – fuse



Powertrain system plays an important role in the whole automobile. Our fine craftsmanship helps enhanced environmental performance and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Steels for Powertrain:

Silicon Steel – Powertrain

Written by:

Jovelle W. // SMC Editor

International Trade and Marketing Specialist


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