Just As Useful Today As It Was Back Then

Household aluminum foil has been a staple for commercial kitchens and the consumer market for decades.  It has been capping casserole dishes and wrapping brownies for nearly 100 years.  So for those cooking fanatics out there, we all know that you can’t have a good meal without savoring the taste and texture.

Household aluminum foil is widely sold in the consumer market and is used for wrapping food in order to preserve it.  For example, when storing leftover food in a refrigerator, it serves the additional purpose of preventing odor exchange and retaining moisture.  Therefore making it ideal for protecting food during cooking and storage.

Whether it’s used for barbecuing delicate foods, such as mushrooms and vegetables, food is wrapped in foil then placed on the grill, preventing loss of moister that may result in less texture.  This process is due to the thermal insulation that allows excellent heat conductivity to withstand the highest temperatures encountered when cooking.

bbqchickenphoto (10)Grilled-Vegetables

The economic impact of the aluminum industry has driven economic impact as it contributed more than $150 billion to the U.S. economy, nearly 1 percent of GDP. Aluminum is one of the few materials that affect every person in the country, and more than 670,000 American jobs are created by the industry.

  • Higher wages in the industry. Workers in the aluminum industry earn, on average, $77,000 a year, much higher than the national average.
  • Recycling produces high-value economic impact. The production of secondary (recycled) aluminum saves more than 90 percent of the energy costs associated with primary production.
  • Job are increasing. This includes work generated in core American manufacturing sectors including primary, secondary, smelting and alloy production.
  • Fundamental economic impact is created. The aluminum industry contributes more than $152 billion in gross domestic product.

aluminum foil

Features of Household Aluminum Foil:

  • Ability to withstand wide temperature changes
  • High thermal conductivity promotes faster heating and freezing
  • Suitable hardness, stack-able and leak resistant
  • Printable surface
  • Fold over edges for sealing to lids
  • Amenable to multiple compartments
  • No effect on food flavor
  • No noxious substance
  • Reusable or Recyclable

Aluminum foil is often in rolls of 500 mm (20 in) width and several meters in length.  Other applications of household aluminum foils are super food chain-stores, hotel and restaurant industry, fast food, take away food, airline catering, outdoor barbecue, dinner party, and family kitchenware.

If you haven’t heard about Shanghai Metal Corporation (SMC), click here to read more about us!  If you’re looking for more information regarding SMC’s household aluminum foil products, click here. 

Written by:

Jovelle W. // SMC Editor

International Trade and Marketing Specialist


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