Aluminum and the space travel

The advancement of aircraft and rocket technology is directly tied to the advancement and production of aluminum alloys. From the Wright brothers’ use of aluminum in the engine of their first biplane to NASA’s use of an aluminum-lithium alloy in the new Orion spacecraft—aluminum has created the potential for mankind to fly both around the Earth and into space.

The air-frame of a typical modern commercial transport aircraft is 80 percent aluminum by weight. Aluminum alloys are the overwhelming choice for the fuselage, wing, and supporting structures of commercial airliners and military cargo/transport aircraft. Structural components of current United States Navy aircraft are made of fabricated wrought aluminum (forged, machined and assembled parts). Attention is now focused toward aluminum casting technology, which offers lower manufacturing costs, the ability to form complex shapes and the flexibility to incorporate innovative design concepts.

Space flight
Ever since the launch of Sputnik a half-century ago, aluminum has been the material of choice for space structures of all types. Chosen for its light weight and its ability to withstand the stresses that occur during launch and operation in space, aluminum has been used on Apollo spacecraft, the Skylab, the space shuttles and the International Space Station. Aluminum alloys consistently exceed other metals in such areas as mechanical stability, dampening, thermal management and reduced weight.

The new project that is NASA preparing to launch in 2017 is the Orion spacecraft. This spacecraft is built to take humans further than they have ever gone in history. It will serve as an exploration vehicle, that will need to have all life supporting functions for long space travels and back.

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Written by:

Jovelle W. // SMC Editor

International Trade and Marketing Specialist



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