Aluminum Roofing vs. Traditional Roofing: A Clear Winner

Aluminum is not only attractive and pliable but comes in a great variety of roofing types and designs creating a unique and modern look.

Aluminum roofs have become increasingly popular around the world due to its ease of installation, stability, energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly qualities. Unlike traditional wood and oil-based roofs, aluminum roofs do not require nails to attach shingles in place. Instead, they are constructed by interlocking the panels to fit together. This attribute allows such roofs to be water tight and durable in multiple weather conditions such as heavy snow, ice, and wind.  Additionally, moss and mold are unable to grow making it a healthy and safe alternative to traditional roofs. Finally, if a building were ever to catch on fire, aluminum roofs would not burn or support combustion like other roofing material. Since metal roofs are safer than traditional roofs, some homeowner insurance policies offer reduced rates for those using metal roofs.

Our Lady Star of the Sea Church, Solomons, Maryland, USA

Aluminum roofs have a lifetime of about 35 years and do not require much maintenance once installed. Aluminum roofs do not have to be restored or replaced. This results in cost benefits for the consumer that cannot be obtained by traditional roofs. Such roofs are not only permanent but also light weight leaving little stress placed on the top of the building.

The energy efficiency component of aluminum roofing is tough to beat by alternative materials. Typical roofing materials like asphalt, wood, and slate allow almost 90 percent of radiant heat to pass into the home. This causes the attic areas to become extremely hot, especially in the summer. Aluminum roofs are able to decrease attic temperatures by as much as 10 degrees because it is capable of reflecting most of the sun’s rays. In the winter, heat is reflected back into the building keeping it warm.

In conclusion, it is clear to see why builders are changing their roofing methods from traditional wood and oil-based roofs to modern aluminum.

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