Crates of Space

Shipping container student dorms are sure to be strong enough to container the party.  In Le Havre, France, Cattani Architects have found an ideal solution for modern and spacious student housing at a low cost. The 4 story high and 100 strong apartment block has been mounted onto a steel grid and provides each student with 24 squared meters of space. The open corridors that give access to the apartments have created a succession of full and empty spaces that gives the structure considerable more visual transparency.

Cattani Architects, Cité A Docks - Le Havre, France - Shiiping Container Student Housing  (2)
The dorms and front space are ideal for student living

This level of development is quick and easy with maintenance at an all time low. This, therefore, removes much of the worries surrounding student accommodation. The sustainability and relative ease of construction will surely help drive the construction industry towards more projects like this.

Cattani Architects, Cité A Docks - Le Havre, France - Shiiping Container Student Housing  (2)
side on view helps to gauge the scale of the project

This project has taken simple containers, a structure renowned for its structural strength and stability, and changed its original characteristics to solve a housing problem facing an institution such as a College. It is projects such as these that are helping to establish the containers place in the commercial and construction world.


The main issue debated by the project managers was how to avoid the students developing the feeling that they were simply living in a box. The solution is the supporting steel grid, Cattani says ‘the metal structure  allows a better identification of the different rooms, and enhances them through the external extensions that become terraces and balconies.’

The steel structure makes the complex safe and secure


Shanghai Metal Corporation currently provides a variety of new shipping containers that can be custom tailored based on customer requests. We hope that inspiring design like Freight Farm will encourage all to explore their own ideas for shipping container use.

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Contemporist ‘Cite A Docks Student Housing by Cattani Architects’

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