SMC in your Backyard with Slugs and Copper Tape

Rolls of freshly made Copper Tape and Foil.

Copper is a one of the oldest known metals used by humans, and its use and effectiveness has been documented as far back as 8700 B.C as ornaments, jewelry and coins. Over time Copper’s uses have steadily expanded and when combined with other metals to create alloys such as Brass and Cupronickel, Copper lends its characteristics of malleability, conductivity, and corrosion resistance. This has allowed for Copper to become widely used to create products such as heating elements, various musical instruments, electricity generation and distribution, and ship hulls. However, Copper in the form of adhesive Strips or Tape is not widely considered for it’s use as an effective and environmentally friendly pest repellent by either the commercial agricultural industry or the private backyard horticulturist.

A Copper Tape Barrier deterring an unwanted garden guest away from a free lunch.
A Copper Tape Barrier deterring an unwanted garden guest away from a free lunch.

Copper naturally holds a slight electrical charge, which allows adhesive Copper Tape to be used as an electrified barrier that can be adhered around the rim of pots and plants to deter pests such as snails and slugs from invading and destroying plants and crops. The slight electrical charge in the Copper Tape shocks the slugs as they attempt to cross the metallic tape strip, causing them to retreat to find another less protected source of food.

One of the key characteristics of Copper Tape as a garden pest deterrent is that it is environmentally friendly since it does not kill or poison, but deters pests from crossing the electrified barrier through non-lethal electric shock. Furthermore, Copper Tape unlike many other common pest control methods such as pesticides and poisons does not release any chemicals or toxins into the atmosphere, soil or water-table meaning that is safe for humans to touch and use without specialist safety training or protective equipment.

A pot plant fortified with a Copper Tape rim.

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