Ancient Copper Telecommunications Networks Given a Second Chance in Life –

Recently a technology Research and Development company called Bell Laboratories has invented a frequency modulation system called ‘XG-Fast’ which allows high speed internet and telecommunications to be provided to homes and businesses without expensive and time consuming fiber optics cables having to be installed to replace old and used copper cable telecommunications networks. XG-Fast utilizes pre-existing copper cable telecommunication networks to reach homes and businesses, however it is able to boost the frequencies sent down the copper cables to 500MHz which permits high transfer speeds of up to 10GB/s to be reached on old the copper network.

Currently in many nations such as Australia, the government is in the midst of rolling out a new nationwide high speed fibre optics internet network to replace the old and deteriorating copper cable network that was installed when phones became a mainstream tool in society almost half a century ago. However, the fibre optics network rollout has proven to be difficult and vastly more expensive to install than first anticipated. This is because the installation of fibre optics requires the copper network to be excavated and removed or spliced before the new fibre cable can be installed and connected to each individual business and home. Obvious problems created by this include both monetary and non-monetary costs to businesses and individuals due to interference with roads, traffic and ability to access phone and internet. can4

Bell Laboratories’ XG-Fast frequency modulator creates a solution to Australia’s fibre optics teething problems by allowing fast internet transfer speeds to be reached on the existing copper network without need for major network overhauls or costly replacement with fibre optics cable. This will allow Australian business and individuals’ access to globally competitive high speed internet connections, without the financial and social burden of having large areas of the network being shut off and excavated to be replaced with expensive fibre optics cabling. In other words, the ancient copper telecommunications networks that are common in many nations around the world have been given a renewed purpose and will continue to be an integral part of telecommunications for at least for the next decade.

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