The Green Revolution Uses PPGI

The latest invention to come out of research into energy efficient buildings is the Eco-Shelter. This revolutionary development promises to have significant implications for disaster relief efforts. The main problem facing organisations attempting to help disaster-struck regions is the housing shortage left in the wake of the destruction. Sometimes thousands of people are without a home, prone to disease, hygiene issues and at risk from the elements of nature.Philippines_Eco_Shelter_mockup_copy

Temporary housing has traditionally taken the form of tents – creating large refugee settlements that have often been breeding grounds for contagious diseases, such as cholera in the 2010 Haiti earthquake. The solution to such problems requires new forms of temporary housing, but this has been limited by the high costs they generally incur. Eco-Shelters, though, breathe a much needed breath of hope into the situation. These have minimum energy loss, with Lambda group claiming their’s have 96% energy efficiency. Thus shelter for the affected becomes affordable on a large scale.

These were used for the first time in the Philippines following typhoon Haiyan. Batches of DIY Eco-shelters were flown in, to be built very quickly upon arrival. Indeed, the design and materials used allow it to be very simple to build, so they can be packed flat when transported. This gives them a speed of transport vital to emergency relief.

The shelters use advanced Eco-technology to reduce energy use. They use PPGI to create light, insulator walls and roofs. These are set up in double sheets, trapping a warm layer of air that  minimizes heat loss. PPGI is a cheap, fully-recyclable form of steel. The pre-painted aspect of the metal is vital for ensuring the waterproofing of the eco-shelters. Without it, the project is worthless.

Here at the Shanghai Metal Corporation, PPGI is one of our specialties. We produce high quality products on a large scale, with a massive choice of colors, sizes and thickness. Our prices are some of the most competitive around – we invite you to take a look at our website to see for yourself:–pds257.html

We are excited to be part of this green revolution and to play a part in saving lives in the future!

Lloyd P. // SMC Editor



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