Carbon may replace metal in mobile phones

A new technique gives scientists greater control in the production of carbon nanotubes. This may solve the problem of finding enough rare metals to produce electricity in the future.

Carbon nanotubes have a bright future in electronics. They have the potential at some point to replace many of the parts used in today’s mobile phones and computers, which are made from rare metals.

In order for the carbon nanotubes to create the big breakthrough, however, scientists must learn how to control the production of the tubes.

”Together with our international colleagues we have developed a method that allows us to control how the individual nanotubes ‘roll up’ and this opens up for a uniform production. This is the first step towards the ultimate goal of replacing metals and semiconductors in electronics with carbon-based components,” says one of the researchers behind the study, Professor Jakob B. Wagner, of DTU Cen, the Centre for Electron Nanoscopy at the Technical University of Denmark.

Source: Science Nordic

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