Taking Action to Lower Water Consumption

Do you have genuine lawn in your yard? If so, have you ever estimated how much water you need to consume in order to keep it fresh and how much does it cost you? Well, according to an article in slate.com, an average American lawn gulps down 21,600 gallons of water per year. That adds about $42 to your water bill. The United States Environmental Protection Agency also states that the Americans consume approximately $474 every year on water and sewage charges plus additional $230 on water’s heating costs. So, every single method of saving water has value. A good article for economical irrigation methods can be read here. Especially in areas suffering from drought one must take these tips into serious consideration. Some regions take actions in order to promote their residents to save water. For example in L.A. region, a superhero has emerged to take action.

lawn dude 2

Meet the Lawn Dude – the new mascot of the fight against California’s drought. Lawn Dude was unveiled last Thursday by the Southern California Water Committee, a nonprofit advocacy group, and Clear Channel Outdoor as part of a campaign to get southern Californians to conserve water during the state’s protracted drought. He pops out in billboards across the region reminding the people not to consume too much water. Lawn Dude is to support the region’s goal to cut water consumption by 20%. In order to get to know him more visit his Twitter site.

lawn dude

If you share the Lawn Dude’s vision, you might want to inspect your lawn irrigation system. In Shanghai Metal Corporation, we also offer solutions for garden and lawn spray, water-saving and irrigation. To learn more about our rotating nozzles, please check our website here. Also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

References: Slate.com, St. Johns River Water Management District, United States Environmental Protection AgencyThe Wall Street Journal

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Tuomas P.// SMC Editor



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