The Science Behind Saw – Could It Really Have Cut Through Bone?

The final climax of the Saw I movie was of course Doctor Lawrence Gordon’s desperate amputation using a blunt hacksaw.  But realistically, could this have been done? The saw was discovered to be too blunt to cut through chain early on in the move. So, was bone – a carbon based body part – much more reasonable?


Evidence from other movies would agree – Saw isn’t the only movie to amputate limbs with unlikely objects. In  Audition (1999) one character used a long piece of piano wire to wire-saw off and amputate another characters’ feet , albeit in a dream sequence.

In Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours James Franco’s character Aron Ralston had to cut off his own trapped arm with a multi-tool, which included a dull two-inch knife.


Endless hands and limbs were lost in the Star Wars franchise – of course by Luke Skywalker, but also by Ponda baby, Darth Vader , and don’t get me started on the prequels.starwarshand

Crease the vampire in Blade lost his by means of a booby trapped sword. So, should we assume the high volume of Hollywood casual amputation suggests realism?

blademovieSaws tend to be made of high carbon steel, one of the strongest types of steel alloy. As a mix of iron and carbon, it is excellent for making cutting tools. The hardness levels and metal wear resistance of high carbon steel is also good quality. Scientifically, they are ideal for cutting and tend to take on much more heavy duty materials like metal.


So to answer the original question – yes it is logically possible to cut through bone with a hacksaw after all.

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Source: Screen Junkies 

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