What’s the best: Copper or Silver wire cable for your headphones?

Discussions whether copper wire cable is better for headphones than silver wire cable have been on numerous forums all over the internet for the last decade.

Searchers for the perfect sound are truly believers that silver cables condemned as “brighter” than copper cables is a myth.  According to them, if you were to connect a copper or a silver cable to an analyzer, you would find no difference in frequency response. Technology may be a great thing, but when it comes to measuring certain aspects of sound, frequency response curves are quite straightforward.

Silver platted copper

Others, however, could swear they definitely notice that silver is audibly brighter than copper. In this case, silver is the best conductor, when it comes to resistance. The resistance is determined by two major factors. The diameter (or gauge) of the wire and the material(s) used. The bigger the cross-sectional area and shorter the cable, the less resistance. Hence, silver cables are said to be the best conductor, hence better electrical conductivity and copper, the runner-up.

Copper and silver hybrid

Since no difference has been detected between copper and silver cables, discussions go further and people question why bother getting silver cables due to their higher prices. In fact, several wires of thinner gauge copper (at the exact length needed) yield less resistance and come out a lot cheaper than a (too long) fancy wire treated to this and that purity (a purity that a lot of the time has no basis in metallurgy since it can’t be attained).

Pure silver

What is your preference for headphone cables? Share your headphone experience with us!


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Source: headfonia.com, head-fi.com

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