Aesthetic Dog House Design

For some American homeowners their most important family member might be their four-legged friend. It can can be seen from an research conducted by the American Pet Product Association which states that 68% of all the U.S. households own at least one pet. During the same year over US $53 million was spent on pets.


As a result, architects, builders and interior designers say there is increasing demand for pet-centric spaces that are outfitted with pet-size furniture. Some design-conscious pet owners also are aiming to build their pets’ homes in an aesthetically pleasing way.



Building a doghouse that is just right for your dog can be fun and rewarding. However, if it is done without a plan and an understanding of how it fulfills its purpose and function, it can be a disaster. When building a doghouse, one must consider the proper size, design, building materials, construction, placement, and bedding for the doghouse. A doghouse’s purpose is to allow its occupant to be dry, out of the wind, cool in summer, warm in winter, and provide it with a place to feel safe. For more accurate tips on designing a dog house see this link.


Shanghai Metal Corporation also offers customized dog houses that will keep your pet dry. To get more information about our dog houses, please click here.

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Tuomas P. // SMC Editor



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