Imagine a Summer Without Air Conditioning

Picture this: It’s 35°C, there’s no air conditioning, and you’re packed into a subway of sweaty people. The last generation doesn’t need to imagine in –they lived it.


Before AC, most industry traditionally slowed or stopped in the summer, when buildings were hot and workers were sluggish. Back then, many workers around the world got month long August vacations similar to what workers still get in Europe today, where AC isn’t as popular.


The development of effective temperature control and refrigeration has revolutionized almost every aspect of industry. Without AC, the following things would be virtually impossible: the manufacture of computers and chip sets; data storage centers; the production, delivery, and storage of food; pharmaceutical manufacturing; and chemical manufacturing.


AC allowed for exponential advances in medicine and human life expectancy. Air-conditioned hospitals helped defeat malaria, decrease infant mortality, inhibit bacteria, and advance developments in surgery.


So the humble AC has been life changing, and not just on our comfort levels.

Shanghai metal produces the stainless steel tubes for electric climate products. High-temperature resistant wire is distributed evenly in the stainless steel seamless pipes, while good quality crystallized magnesium oxide powder is filled in the gap. As a result, the heater has not only a sophisticated structure, but also high efficiency. To find out more, please visit our websiteLinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.

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Siobhan R.// SMC Editor



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