The Truth is Revealed About the Health Concerns Associated with Aluminum Cookware

Speculations about the risks of cooking with aluminum utensils have put stress on consumers for years. In the 1970s, a Canadian researcher published a study showing Alzheimer’s patients had high levels of aluminum in their brains. Since then, research has been back and forth on the correlation between aluminum and Alzheimer’s. As of today, there is no clear proven connection between the two but some are still hesitant to use aluminum cookware and cans.


In 2011, Health Canada released a study that cooking a meal in an aluminum pan can add 1 to 2 mg of aluminum to your food. But what exactly does that mean? The World Health Organization estimates that people can safely consumer about 50 mg a day without harm. So adding a few mg wouldn’t be detrimental but people still need to be cautious about the amount consumed.


When you replace old pans, consider upgrading to anodized aluminum pots.
When you replace old pans, consider upgrading to anodized aluminum pots.

Aluminum has been effective in cookware due to its ability to withstand high heat. It is a great choice for people setting up a kitchen or camping because it is lightweight and inexpensive. If people take safe precautions when using untreated aluminum pots, the health risks can be lowered. One study showed that untreated aluminum pots react to cooking highly acidic foods such as tomatoes or sauerkraut, so use alternative surfaces such as stainless steel for such dishes. Another suggestion is to avoid storing leftovers in aluminum, because the longer the food sits, the more aluminum it can absorb from the pan. Since more aluminum will dissolve out of old utensils, throw away your aging aluminum cookware.

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Kristie Kaaa / SMC Editor




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