A Blissful Retreat For Bbody And Soul: Copper Bathtubs

A long bath can fix almost anything. Especially a long bath in a very exclusive bathtub – you name it: hammered copper, mosaic designs, smooth copper and antique copper bathtub.


Copper has been making a prime candidate to use in the manufacturing of a bath tub due to its attractiveness and durability. A copper bath tub will no doubt make a bold statement in your bathroom as they have been for hundreds of years.

They are made by heating the copper then hammering it into shape then fitting it over the bathtub. Copper bathtubs look great in any bathroom regardless if you have a traditional bathroom or a modern bathroom however they are more at home in a antique style bathroom.


What makes a copper bathtub look great is not only the finish of copper the numerous shapes and styles available make for a stunning appearance of this type of bath tub. Aside from looking great copper is a clean material and is resistant to having bacteria and mold growing on its surface making cleaning much easier.

Modeled after Japanese soaking tubs, copper soaking tubs are one of the most cbath4 japaneseommon freestanding copper soaker bathtubs. They are most commonly small (approximately 43″), round or oval, and deep. With about 30 inches available for water depth, these copper tubs include interior seats, helping to recreate a spa setting in your home.

Double slipper tubs are another style that dominates the copper tub design choices. It mirrors the 19th century sloping designs as they follow the body’s natural contours. Double slipper copper tubs are traditionally ovals. Their average size ranges from 48″ to 72″ in length with 11″ to 23″ of water depth. Adding a decorative copper base, claw foot legs, or a wrought iron stand creates an attractive, purposeful design element to your copper tub.


Other styles of freestanding copper tubs range from rectangle-shaped that mimic traditional tubs to hexagons for a truly unique design.

bath6 hexagon

Copper is also a very strong material to use and is resistant to cracks. Should a copper bathtub get scratched, the scratches will usually fade in time. This occurs by aging as the scratches will gradually become dimmer and will eventually disappear. The caring of a copper bathtub is easy considering you need only to wipe it down with a soft cloth which is all that is needed to keep the bathtub looking great. As stated previously, since the color of the copper will change in time, you will not need to keep the surface shiny. Although some owners prefer to keep their bathtub shiny we believe it is better to allow the bathtub to fade and developed its own natural patina.

bath5 retangular

When purchasing a copper bathtub it is important to remember it should be made from 100% copper and not a copper alloy. Bathtubs made from copper alloys are less costly however they will not developed the same natural patina a 100% copper bathtub will and will be less attractive.

If you are looking for a bold statement for your bathroom, a cooper bathtub is definitely the way to go!

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