Luxury Container Hotels

A container hotel system is a new trend to take the hotel business closer to a specific clientele. Besides, the hotel solutions are made for luxury consumers offering them a wonderful experience.


For example an UK company Snoozebox offers portable hotel services to any location or any events. The portable lodge has 40-400 rooms and each room has a flat screen and a Wifi.


Sleeping around is a Belgium pop-up hotel company located in Antwerp. It offers container hotel rooms that are equipped with rain showers, box-spring beds, iPod docking stations and air conditioning. They also have rooms with saunas.


A luxurious looking container hotel village has also been built in Changzhi, the city of Shanxi province in China. In addition to their high-end indoor design, Xiang Xiang Xiang Pray House is located in Taihang mountain gorges area giving the village a beautiful natural environment.


China is a major exporter of container homes with over 3 million containers shipped in 2011. CNN Travel writes that the idea came from the Japanese when they imported a large amount of containers to build temporary homes for the survivors of the 2011 tsunami earthquake.


Shanghai Metal Corporation also offers container homes and hotels for the creation of portable hotel facilities. To learn more about our products, please visit our website. Please also follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Tuomas P. // SMC Editor

Original articles and pictures: CNN Travel, Ingeniabox, Sleeping AroundSnoozeboxAbcey,



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