Shanghai Metal Corporation: Building Value Across the Globe

“The customer is always right” is a famous business slogan. The underlying truth behind this statement is recognizing that customers are the life blood for any business. Understanding the importance of good customer service is essential for a healthy business in creating new clients, keeping loyal patrons, and developing referrals for future customers.


A key component of customer service is establishing a trusting relationship. This is done by engaging in dialogue with customers and listening to them. According to Forbes, customers are likely to have specific questions, concerns or complaints about a product or service. Companies that take the time to be responsive to their customers benefit by receiving referrals and positive reviews. Hence having open and honest conversations with your customer is a proven way to grow a business into a trusted brand.

It can be said that customer service is what makes or breaks a company. At Shanghai Metal Corporation, our vision is simple: Best Service, Effective Management, Rigorous Craftsmanship, and Taking Steps to World-Class Standard. As you can see, we put customer service above all else.

4When the Marketing Department sat down with our CEO Mr. Bryan Wang, we asked him what the secret behind the success at SMC was. His response was just as simple as the corporate image; Openness. Again and again employees hear Mr. Wang express his beliefs of “putting everything out on the table”. This implies that internally, a team effort is put into practice on a daily basis and managers work to help all individuals reach their own success. Externally, this means being available to customers whenever they need support. For example, SMC added an online service pop-up on the company website where users can conveniently type messages directly to the Sales Department whenever issues arise.


Being available to serve customers is what the company is committed to doing. Clients travel thousands of miles to come visit the infamous city of Shanghai which is known today as a global financial center and tour our headquarters in Pudong, where all the business takes place. We believe that successful business interactions take place when they are deeper than emails and more about face-to-face relations.  SMC strives to provide the best customer service from production to after-sales to ensure our clients can get all the supports they need. By doing so, we are continuously working to be a trusted and responsible contributor to society.

Shanghai Metal manufactures value added steel products to the highest standard, and with a commitment to customer service. To find out more, please visit our websiteLinkedInTwitter, and Facebook. Or you could try our new mobile app by scanning our QR code.

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Kristie K & Siobhan R. // SMC Editors



Shanghai Metal Corporation

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