Stainless Steel Soap

One good way to remove the unpleasant odors left by certain food such as onions, garlic and raw fish is to use the stainless steel soap. Stainless steel soap is   bar of ordinary steel formed into the shape of a standard soap bar, clad in a thin layer of chromium, also known as chrome.

soap2Some people believe the chromium layer is the main reason why this soap can remove the nasty odors quickly. Not rusting in the normal sense of the world, chromium a form an oxide when it remains in contact with both air and water. Some think this oxide layer is responsible for the purported odor-removing properties of the stainless steel bar.

Another theory suggests that the stainless steel does not do anything to neutralize the odors chemically­­. It is the physical act of scrubbing one’s hands against stainless steel mechanically that removes the oils and grease responsible for the odors. The act of using the soap under running water helps to break up the surface tension on the skin.


It is also possible that the chemical composition of the stainless steel, especially the chromium and chromium oxide, does interact with the sulfur compounds found in many odor-causing foods. The sulfur left on the cook’s hands after handling onions or garlic could form a chemical bond with the chromium oxide on the stainless steel soap bar and cling to the bar’s surface, not the cook’s skin.

soap1Now there is very little scientific evidence to support any of these claims, some experts suggest there is no real benefit to using a stainless steel soap bar.  Ordinary soaps can remove many offensive chemical compounds if used immediately after food preparation, and latex gloves can be worn when working with odor-causing foods. Some cooks believe the stainless steel soap bar works better  than traditional soap for more stubborn odors, but it is difficult to evaluate  such claims without performing stringent “sniff tests” in a  controlled laboratory environment.

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