The Antarctican Training Programme – Could You Make It?

If you’ve got $4,500 spare and a taste for life threatening danger, then Antarctica is for you. 

The coldest station is Halley with a winter temperature of around −50°C and a summer temperature of −10°C. The freezer in your kitchen is at about -22 degrees Celsius (-7.6 degrees Fahrenheit) despite the fact the outside temperature is more like 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit). The freezer follows a cycle where it compresses the coolant, releases the heat to the back coils and pumps the colder coolant inside the freezer. So technically, during your midnight snack you endured similar temperatures than in the south pole….sort of.


Surprisingly, at its peak Antarctican tourism saw just under 50,000 visitors per year, mostly passing cruise ships but some sleep on the ice.  So how do people prepare for the trip?

Rachel Andrews, 41, is using the cold storage vehicle to help her acclimatise to temperatures as low as -58F (-50C) in the Antarctic. The adventurer is using the back of Moby Nicks’ frozen fish van, a local company in her home town of Plymouth, to experience the sub-zero temperatures.


Some winter sportman have come up with innovative means of preparing for the race in addition to training on sand to simulate snow. The videos below from Spanish and French national television stations show athletes training in a giant industrial freezer.

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