Galvanized Steel Bathroom – The Hottest Trend in Berlin Nightlife

Surely Berlin is known for its history, the Spree River, the Museum Island, government buildings, the most famous Unter den Linden or Kurfuerstendamm alleys and the former Easberlin9t Berlin centre, Alexander Platz or the only recently adapted to a shopping and entertainment centre Potsdamer Platz. Art scene and dynamic, cutting-edge performances also impress visitors, providing more a memorable experience and a journey in history.

However, it is impossible to walk through Berlin without finding a pub, a bar or a disco, where the German nightlife takes place in its full spectrum. Tourists expect to experience every single quarter of this fantastic capital. If not enough recognition for its throbbing music, shirtless men, or “world’s scariest bouncers” (according to the Guardian), the most exclusive nightclub Berghain is now even more talked-about techno nightclub due to its unisex-bathroom.


Designed by Berlin firm Karhard Architecture and Design, Berghain’s unisex-bathroom is all detailed in galvanized steel. It reminds me of prisons or something industrial, giving me the feeling that something tough is going on in there, all in gray color and somewhat dark. But it is still appealing, in a good way. The design is sharp, and objects, shapes, textures, elements and little details give the “flow” to this unisex-bathroom that prisons lack. If you keep looking you see, it’s chic!

Brass strips to brighten the dark gray color ceiling

And then you wonder how can a gray, galvanized steel bathroom be chic? I’m telling you, this is the next thing in bathroom design, which combines the hardiness of galvanized steel for enduring lots of people and the practicality of stainless-steel toilet for being easy to clean.


Modern, clean lines, majestical , the galvanized steel for bathroom design follows the contemporary minds of the new generation who is always waiting for the next new thing. And there it is: galvanized steel and stainless steel bathroom.berlin5

Shanghai Metal Corporation is the international manufacturer and supplier for three galvanized lines of hot dip galvanized steel. The monthly output for each line is approximately 5000 ton. Galvanized steel is widely used for construction and building, roofing, ventilating duct, handrail, partition panel, and now for the next trend in bathroom design as the one adopted by the  nightclub Barghain. For our full list of products that we offer check out our website here. Be sure to join the conversation in our LinkedIn group,FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Try also our new mobile application by scanning the QR code below.

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Picture:, remodelista

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