What most of the newly built houses might have in common?

As every markets, the construction houses market evolves. Tastes changes over time, as well of building materials and their price.

One of the biggest change coming is the roof material. We know that most of our roof are made up with tiles. It was already used 3000 years ago by different ancient civilizations such as the Greeks or the Chinese. It stayed overtime the most commonly used way, as an habit takes time to be overcome.

However looking at it with objectivity, this system seems to be one of the worst one on the market today. What are the different criteria looked up when roofing a house ? Our market experts found out the 4 mains ones.

  • Price
  • Life time 
  • maintenance costs
  • aestheticism

Tiles price are high. It varies over the countries, but it is usually about 100$ / square meter. Their life time is about 25 years. The maintenance cost gets high once their life time is done. You have to pay about half of their initial price every 10 years in order to prevent any dangers of collapsing, as showed in the following picture.

Today’s main alternative is galvanized steel roofs. it is about 20$ / square meters, its lifetime can easily overcome 50 years, and its maintenance cost are close to be nonexistent.


We, at Shanghai Metal Corporation, a leading company in that business, are offering galvanized steel roofing in various types including slate, standing seam, shingle and shakes in various colors and size. You can find more information about or variety of products on our website here, and make sure to join the conversation in our Linkedln, Facebook and Twitter pages 

Arthur D.//SMC Editor


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