More than never the car industry is under pressure to find a way to reduce the car consumption without reducing their security, power or increasing dramatically the retail price.


The new popular cars are now smaller than 10 years ago and the reason is mainly cause by the increasing of the gas price and the tendency is not going to stop in the next few years. The cars industry is now working on the engine efficiency to reduce their cars consumption and they also work on the weight reducing. The engine efficiency is basically the same for every car dealer with some minor details on powertrain systems and no majors advances are expended in a near future. However, the frame and body is now the next target of the car industry is looking to improve their next car generation.


One of the future main advances in the car industry is the integration of the carbon on the car body with a low cost price. In fact racing cars and some of the new luxury car already have carbon fiber on their bodies and part, but the price just blow up and it’s a deadlock for medium and low budget cars. There are some studies for producing car body with carbon steel and this can be the solution to reduce the car weight and keep the price in a good range.


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