Pleasant Waiting in Container Train Stations

A dutch architects company NL Architects has designed a new railway station that makes passengers’ waiting experience more comfortable. They have built the station out of shipping containers.

Barneveld Noord by NL Architects

According to the company’s research, waiting times in railway stations is generally experienced three times longer than they actually are. This creates a big challenge for small stations that are usually unmanned, desolate and create a sense of lack of safety. The Dutch architect company found a way how solve this problem with minimum effort.

Barneveld Noord by NL Architects

They wanted a cheap and light material that would be easy to put together and take apart. Therefore they used shipping containers to build this structure that consists four containers. Three of them work as a roof above glazed waiting room. One container is an open-bottom container creating more space while two other horizontally installed closed containers build storage. The fourth container has been flipped upwards to create a clock tower. The tower has a bathroom with natural light coming from the glazed ceiling window.

Barneveld Noord by NL Architects

The interior design is supposed to bring human presence for passengers. The 20 planned stations will include Wifi, floor heating, railway TV and different kinds of artworks. The stations will also be equipped with multi-functional shops that sell e.g. flowers or coffee. Thereby the structure is said to have maximum output with minimum effort.

Barneveld Noord by NL Architects

 Shipping containers can be modified easily with cutting or welding. Thereby they are also easy to be retrofitted into their surroundings. Most of the containers are also equipped with generators. These properties allow shipping containers to become beautiful affordable homes, leisure houses, offices and many more facilities.

Barneveld Noord by NL Architects

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Tuomas P. // SMC Editor

Pictures and original articles: DezeenNL Architects


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