Bottles’ battle – the Winner Is…

There have always been discussions about what kind of water bottle is the best. Plastic? Stainless steel? Aluminum? Or glass bottle? Due to protect our environment, everybody wants to purchase a reusable water bottle but sometimes it is hard to make a right decision and the amount of different products makes it even harder. Here is some information to make you choose easier between aluminum and stainless steel bottles.

Stainless steel water bottles

Stainless steel was the standard for buildings and also a sign for the economic growth in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s. Nowadays it found its way to reusable bottles. Stainless steel bottles are usually crafted from culinary-grade stainless steel and come in various sizes and colors. If you are concerned about manufacturing techniques or toxins, stainless steel bottles are a good alternative to plastic bottles. As stainless steel is non-reactive, bottles do not leach, they don’t have to be lined and the don’t affect the taste of drink. Stainless steel bottles are probably not really suitable in hot climates because the metal heats up more quickly. On the other hand you can be sure that it will last you a lifetime and can withstand daily wear.

PROS :                                                                       CONS :

– dishwasher safe                                      – can dent if dropped

– durable                                                         – heats up in hot climates

– 100% recyclable                                     – not microwaveable

– high-quality design                              – energy intensive manufacturing

– no plastic toxins                                     – possible metallic taste

Aluminum water bottles

Aluminum has a variety of applications, but aluminum is probably most used for packaging of beer, soda, tea and other drinks. Aluminum bottles and stainless steel bottles often look and feel similar. But aluminum bottles have are dramatically different. As aluminum reacts with certain liquids, aluminum bottles are usually lined with an enamel or epoxy layer. The most popular aluminum bottles have narrow necks which makes them difficult to clean, dry and load it with ice. Those aluminum bottles with certain types of lining are not recyclable.

PROS :                                                                               CONS : 

– trendy                                                                       – not dishwasher safe

– lighter than stainless steel                          – can dent more easily

– less expensive                                                     – difficult to clean

– keeps beverages cold                                     – chemical leaching possibility

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