Steel is a key component for monuments and building constructions. Check out seven of the most impressive structures made by steel.

According to the world Steel Association, 1,665 megatons of steel have been produced in 2014 only.  Even though steel can be used in a wide array of industries, including the automotive and mechanical machinery products, more than 50 percent of the steel produced is consumed for the construction sector. Thanks to its large range of properties such as resistance, strength, aesthetics and adaptability, steel plays various key roles in the construction of buildings and monuments. It is for instance very often used for exterior walls as well as roof. During the past decades, steel has been a key component of various architectural beauties. Here are the few ones that cannot be missed.

The largest: the Beijing national stadium, China

Beijing’s “Bird’s Nest” has been built for the 2008 Olympics, and is seen as the largest steel structure in the whole globe. Indeed, 110,000 tons of steel have been used for this impressive structure, which does not serve any other purpose than aesthetics. At first, the Bird’s Nest was elaborated to support a retractable roof, which has been scrapped from the early designs before the stadium’s construction.

Bird nest

The tallest: Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates

Standing at 829.8 meters, the Burj Khalifa is by far the tallest building in the whole world. 55,000 tons of steel has been used for the construction. Surprisingly, 4,000 tons of this amount has been required for the spire only. In comparison, this quantity is only half of the one used for the Empire State Building thanks to the skyscraper’s unique bundled tube design.

Burj Khalifa

The highest monument: the Gateaway Arch, USA

Located in St. Louis, United States, the Gateaway Arch is no less than the highest monument in the whole world. It is visited by over a million of tourists each year, the latter being able to enjoy a breathtaking view from the top of the monument. Culminating at 192 meters, this one-of-a-kind construction has required over 900 tons of steel.

Gateaway arch

The most iconic: the Brooklyn Bridge, USA

With a total length of 1825 meters, the Brooklyn Bridge was the longest bridge using steel-wires for its suspension structure in the whole world when it became available, in 1883. Today, this direct connection between Manhattan and Brooklyn is one of the most famous and visited monuments of New York City.

brooklyn bridge

The most colorful: Azerbaijan Flame Fountain, Azerbaijan

Maybe not the most famous monument of this selection, the Azerbaijan Flame Fountain, located in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku, offers a spectacular and colorful show at night thanks to its 700 banks of LED lights. Its 60 tons structure consists mainly of polished stainless steel.

Fire fountain

The most astonishing: Walt Disney Concert Hall and Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

Opera Lou Revy 2  Steel has also been at the center of the most out-of-the-place architectural innovations, as can be seen with two masterpieces designed by the renowned architect Frank Gehry. Los Angeles’ Walt Disney Concert Hall’s unique design cost as much as USD 274 million, and has been built with numerous panels of stainless steel. As these panels’ reflectivity was not convenient for the local people, they have then been sanded. Gehry’s Lou Ruvo Center is probably the most astonishing hospital you can find in the whole world. This innovative building has received a mixed reception, as some people have judged this outstanding architecture using as not appropriate for patient suffering from Alzheimer. This medical center is composed of 18,000 stain steel shingles, each having its unique measurements.     

Even though it is a commodity used in high quantity, steel can also be a tool for one-of-a-kind architectural designs. This metal can be found under a myriad of shapes at Shanghai Metal Corporation, one of the leading businesses in the manufacturing of metal products in the global field. We are producing aluminium, stainless steel, copper, shipping containers and other metal products and service, keeping an eye on manufacturing efficiency as well as environmental sustainability.

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