Discover some mind-blowing facts about shipping containers, vital elements of today’s globalized world.


Shipping containers play a key role in our globalised life. Indeed, most of the items we possess have been packed into such boxes at some stage, as about 90 percent of the world trade is delivered by the sea (for more information, have a look at http://snip.ly/Rd17 ). Even though shipping containers are so important for us, they usually stay in the shadows of our existence and are rarely acknowledged by the end consumers. This article will provide you with 9 impressive figures about these 20 (or sometimes 40)-feet long boxes which are providing us with all the good we need.

17 million   There are more than 17 million shipping containers circulating worldwide, around 5 million of them being active at the moment you are reading this article.

10,000   It is said that around 10,000 containers are lost at sea every year, which means approximately one per hour. While some may sink very quickly, others will stay on the surface for a while and can be a danger for other vessels.

20 years   It is said that a shipping container can last 20 years if treated with great care.

3,500   A 20-feet tall container can carry around 3,500 shoe boxes, or around 25,000 cigarette cartons. This is also the equivalent of almost a billion of bananas, which means more than one for every European and North American.

33 million   33 million containers are going through the port of Shanghai, the busiest port in the world. Singapore is said to be the second largest port, 500 thousands of standard containers behind.


97 percent   97 percent of the shipping containers are manufactured in China, as the country is also producing many other products to be delivered and the salary costs remain low.

19,224   The size of shipping containers’ vessels has dramatically increased over the past years in order to enjoy economies of scale. The largest one – MSC Oscar – can carry up to 19,224 containers, the equivalent of more than 600 million shoe boxes.


Two   If all the shipping containers were put side by side, they could do the tour of the globe more than twice.

5 percent    Even though shipping containers play such an important role nowadays, the number of controls is surprisingly low. Indeed, it has been estimated that only five percent of the containers shipped to the USA are inspected by local authorities. Moreover, it is said that this percentage is even lower in Europe.

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