The controversial “Containerscraper” has just been revealed, and is making a buzz in the architectural field.


Shipping containers are already playing a vital role in everybody’s daily life, as at least 90 percent of the global trade is delivered by the sea thanks to them (more information on: ). In recent years, the use of these containers has expanded thanks to its very cheap manufacturing price, solidity and transportability. Nowadays, shipping containers can have a second life as a home, restaurants or coffee shops (discover’s Starbuck’s use of such containers here: ), or even art galleries. CRG Architects – a Barcelona-based architectural company which has recently moved to China – has recently pushed the idea much further, and recently revealed “Containerscraper”, a concept which would gather 2,400 containers in order to form two twisting towers in Dharavi, Mumbai’s largest slum.

According to the designers, this prototype could provide a temporary home to over 5,000 people, thanks to a tower culminating at 400 meters while another would “only” reach a height of 200 meters. These containers would be interlocked in a circular way in order to keep a central place for elevators. Besides, some non-residential containers would also be saved for water tanks as well as common areas, which would be necessary to keep the strong social and commercial life of Dharavi according to Carlos Gomez, the principal of the architectural firm.

The rationale behind using containers for a large construction is that such structures are cheap, already available in the area and quick to build in. Besides that, building vertically would enable the inhabitants to benefit from higher air quality than in slums.

containerscraper 2

This prototype has been awarded with the third prize of a contest aiming at providing temporary homes to people in need in the area. Even though the idea is groundbreaking, this use of shipping containers has received mixed reception in the architectural field. It is notably claimed that providing decent living conditions out of these boxes would be a tedious tasks, as ventilation and sanitary systems will need to be installed. Moreover, it has also been added that the cost of building such skyscrapers may actually be higher than with traditional methods because of new constraints it implies.

As a result, the Containerscraper project is likely not to see the day of the light in the near future. However, it provides an interesting idea aiming at tackling poverty and overpopulation in some crowded areas, as is the case in Mumbai.

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