Metals such as steel and aluminium – among other materials – play a major role in the car industry.

The number of cars in circulation has now surpassed one billion, and is estimated to reach 1.7 billion by 2035. Each day, around 170,000 cars are added to this number. These vehicles have become one of humans’ best servants over the past century, yet little is known by many people about the key ingredients to manufacture a performing car. Let’s have a look at the five most used ingredients in the industry!

  1. Steel
    Most of a classic car’s weight comes from steel. Indeed, the average of steel used in each car was as much as 1,090 kilograms in 2007, which represents about two thirds of the vehicle’s total weight. Steel is a popular material to build the vehicle’s skeleton in order to protect the driver and passengers during an accident. Therefore, most cars possess a roof, doors or other parts of its body for which steel has been used. Nevertheless, steel consumption in the industry is decreasing, as lighter components are more frequently preferred in order to reduce a vehicle’s fuel consumption. As a result, steel industry leaders are nowadays investing heavily on solutions allowing them to manufacture high-strength steel, which possesses the same characteristics as the traditional ones with reduced weight. The advantage of steel still lies in the fact that this is the cheapest alternative currently available in the market.


  1. Plastic
    Plastic is also ubiquitous in today’s cars. Whether it is for the dashboard, handles, seat belts, air conditioner vents or parts of the engine, plastic plays a major role in the industry. This material is also increasingly used for different parts of the body structure in order to decrease a vehicle’s weight.
  2. Aluminium
    Aluminium has not traditionally been a major component of the car sector. Nevertheless, it has become a strong substitute alternative to steel while designing the car’s body thanks to its light weight. Indeed, using aluminium instead of steel can reduce the mass of the vehicle’s body – the heaviest part of a modern car – by roughly 40 percent. Consequently, the use of this metal in the average car is expecting to increase from 6.6 percent this year to over 25 percent by 2025.


Jaguar has recently made use of aluminium for weight reduction

  1. Rubber
    Here is an obvious vital component of every car around the world! Rubber is obviously firstly needed to prevent the tires from wearing down, which account for as much as three quarters of the global rubber consumption. On top of this, rubber is also used for other parts such as belts, seals or hoses.
  2. Glass
    As well as rubber, glass is absolutely necessary for each vehicle, as one could not have a proper vision without windshields, rear and side-view mirrors. Glass is also needed for navigation screens and lenses for back-up cameras.

 Steel and aluminium, two key components of the automotive industry, possess different characteristics which enables them to be used in a wide variety of sectors. Such metals can be discovered under various forms at Shanghai Metal Corporation, one of the leading businesses in the manufacturing of metalworking industry. We can produce and export the best quality of aluminum, steel and other metal products, keeping an eye on manufacturing efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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