We all are well-acquainted with aluminum foil and its everyday`s use, especially for flexible packaging. Time to discover some alternative ways of foil`s using !


What are the advantages of aluminum foil? First, and what nowadays we care most, it is recyclable. It is light and small, so it doesn’t take a lot of you storage space, and can handle high temperatures. It actually can be used more than once and after thrown away doesn’t pile up like other waste. Also aluminum foil uses small amount of energy during manufacturing and distribution.

There are some surprising ways of using an aluminum foil that you might never heard of before.

aluminum-foil-03 batery

Keep the batteries alive – isn’t it annoying how fast AA batteries are losing their tension? This is not going to be a problem for you anymore! Your kid`s toy run out of battery? Just put a small thick piece of aluminum foil between the battery and the spring. Here you go, your kid can come back to play.

For those who loves gardening aluminum foil is a must have. We all try to make our living space cozy therefore place some window plants to make our apartment eco-friendly. To let your plants enjoy the sunshine to the full, you can create an aluminum foil sun box. Take the cardboard; remove the top and one of the sides. Line the rest of it with aluminum foil with a shiny side out and place the plant inside. Done! No more worries about the lack of sunlight.

Make a frying pan – are you tired of washing the frying pan over and over? We have a good solution! Take a fork stick and centre it over two layers of heavy-duty aluminum foil. Wrap the foil`s edges tightly around the fork branches, but leave a small gap in the foil between the forks. Invert the stick and force the centre down to hold food. You can dispose it after you done with frying, which saves your time on washing. Due to it little weight, such frying pan is good thing to take for a picnic or on camping trip.


Increase the radiator efficiency – radiator is an essential part of your vehicle. Want to get more heat from it? It is easy to do with the help of aluminum foil. Attach the heavy-duty aluminum foil to the cardboard with the shiny side facing out. As a result, the heat waves, instead of being absorbed by the wall behind radiator, will bounce off the foil into the room.

The popularity of aluminum foil grows day by day; it is widely used in retail and restaurant markets. Shanghai Metal Corporation is one of China’s most established manufacturers and suppliers of aluminum and other metal-related products.

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