Here are the main rationales explaining why many firms have relied on shipping containers for their pop-up stores.

On top of permanent classic outlets, pop-up stores have become an increasingly trendy way for retailers of all kinds to market their products. These shops only stay temporarily in the same place, and offer a strong mobility advantage as they can be moved to another location at very short notice. Such non-permanent outlets have been used for different purposes, such as spreading the word about a firm’s new buzzing product or selling seasonal items. Moreover, it also gives customers a totally new and exciting shopping experience, as the latter are more inclined to make impulsive purchases, knowing the offer may be unavailable soon. Over the past years, some pop-up stores have relied on shipping containers to build a creative environment for customers. Even though these boxes are not primarily seen as appealing, and are mainly used to ship around 90 percent of the world trade, they have also shown to be advantageous structures for non-permanent shops. This short article will explain you four key features of these shipping containers, explaining why some major brands of all kinds such as Adidas, Porsche or Google have relied on them for this new kind of marketing approach.

  1. Portability
    Shipping containers are designed to be easily transported to cover long distance, either by sea, train or truck. As a result, they are manufactured to be easily moveable from a place to another, and perfectly fit the pop-up store concept, as they do not need to be disassembled before being removed from a specific location. Brands can therefore move their stores to different geographical target markets easily. This advantage is well illustrated with one of Nike’s recent campaign, where pop-up stores made out of containers travelled to 38 different locations in 52 days.

As impressive, Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, has hit the road in different American states with its “Tesla mobile container store”, which can be carried by a flatbed truck.


  1. Solidity
    Containers are built to travel all around the world, and therefore need a strong resistance to go through all kinds of weather conditions. If well maintained, such containers usually travel for as much as 20 years. Their resistance has led them to become interesting housing alternatives, even led an architecture group to design a huge skyscraper out of containers in Mumbai, India (http://snip.ly/w84j ). Therefore, retailers purchasing a shipping container can amortize its cost over a long period of time. Is a shipping container that costly anyway?
  2. Availability and low price
    Shipping containers can be purchased at very affordable price. Actually, some companies have sometimes found it cheaper to leave their containers behind at a port instead of bringing them back as fuel consumption was actually more expensive than these boxes. As a result, such containers can be found very easily at a low cost. Boxman’s Studio – a firm specialized in the transformation of shipping containers into pop-up retail stores – has even stated that the purchase of these containers represents only a small fraction of their final costs.
  3. Customizability
    Boxman Studios described shipping containers as “blank canvas”. Indeed these structures are very versatile and flexible, and can therefore be customized to a company wish more easily than a classic structure. Not convinced? Check out some of the most inventive concepts below, or discover special article about Starbuck’s innovative coffee shop (http://snip.ly/JlMK).

On top of being necessary for the global trade, shipping containers can also enable the brand to stand out from the crowd and offer a groundbreaking shopping experience. Such shipping containers can be found at Shanghai Metal Corporation, one of the leading businesses in the manufacturing of metalworking industry. We can produce and export the best quality of shipping containers, steel and other metal products, keeping an eye on manufacturing efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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