Headquarters have become vital elements for today’s enterprises enjoying a strong brand equity. On top of gathering and coordinate key function of one organization, such central places also act as flag-carriers, and can enable a firm to increase its image towards the external audience. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to see large companies coming up with groundbreaking designs, mixing high emphasis on aesthetics with other important variables such as sustainability. Such efforts can be very well perceived in four headquarters which are currently on the planning phase.

Google’s aim at blurring nature and workplace


Google is already renowned as a firm offering one-of-a-kind working experience to its employees, blurring the work-life boundaries by enabling the latter to enjoy some fun activities in the office. The tech giant is planning to go further than this with its projected new headquarters, revealed earlier this year. The design has aimed as mixing offices with nature as it features bike paths, lakes and plenty of trees. Shopping areas as well as restaurants are also included in the plan for the comfort of the employees as well as external people, who could also have access to the search-engine leader’s facilities. This structure will also innovate in the world of works, as it will be able to move the different lightweight buildings around depending on the needs of the firm. These buildings as well as the outdoor areas will be covered by translucent canopies which will control the climate as well as allowing natural light and ventilation to go through the headquarters. The firm has also promised the structure would emphasis on environment sustainability, but not much detail has been provided about this point so far.

Apple’s focus on sustainability


Whereas Google’s headquarter is still in its planning phase, the firm possessing the world’s highest market capitalization is making quick progress in the construction of its brand new “Apple Campus 2”, set to offer an area of 26,000 meters square for more than 12,000 employees by the end of next year. Additional 28,000 and 11,000 meters squares will be available for a research and development and auditorium respectively. On top of its spectacular design – that Steve Job compared to a spaceship back in 2011 – the structure has claimed outstanding results in terms of sustainability. Indeed, the whole new building is claimed to be “net-zero energy”, meaning that the amount of energy used will be offset by the amount of renewable energy the structure will create. One of the ways chosen by Apple is to install 65,000 meters square of solar panels.

Amazon’s domes


Amazone new Seattle-based headquarters will feature three 37-story high towers. Where is the originality there? Well, these buildings will also feature three biosphere-like domes which will feature eating as well as meeting spaces. It will also host different botanic zones. Besides these domes, different open spaces such as gardens or play fields are set to see the light of the day in Amazon’s new headquarters.

Gazprom Lakhta Center


Yes, impressive architectural buildings for large companies will also see the light of the day outside the USA. Just take a look at the plans of Gazprom’s future headquarters in St. Petersburg. Even though the state-owned gas giant has been ordered to cut down its yearly spending by around a tenth over the next five years, it is set to cover the impressive Lakhta Center by 2018. Culminating at 400 meters and having the shape of a flame to symbolize the logo of the company, this 86-story high skyscraper would become no less than the tallest building in the whole Europe. As one of the major energy providers in the world, Gazprom is also willing to provide a sustainable building as its flag-carrier, as will be seen with the tower’s double outer skin which will aim at decreasing heat loss during Russian winters. The architects have claimed that this new technology could result in energy savings of up to 50 percent compared to traditional constructions.

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