Planning to visit Mexico? Don’t pack your suitcases yet! You probably would like to wait a bit more once hear that the new one of the world`s largest airport is to be completed in 2020.  


Whom do we have to thank for this architectural miracle? Foster+Partners together with FR-EE (Fernando Romero Enterprise) developed this project of Mexico City`s New International Airport (NAICM) due to intensive increase in passengers number and cargo transportation of Mexico`s central airport – Benito Juarez International Airport. The existing facilities of the airport can’t be used to the full – even though airport has two runways, the problem occurs with the landing strips which are located too close to each other, therefore can`t  be used at the same time.


The new international airport will double the capacity of the existing airport, which means it can handle up to 120 million passengers a year. New terminal building will be spread over an area of 4,430ha and has six runaways. It designed as an X-shaped single giant roof structure. Mexican government wanted to have two separate terminals, but designers insisted on avoiding usual terminal train. Passengers can easily walk between the gates and save energy on moving between terminals. Roof unique covering allows it to collect natural light and air, also provides an amazing view of planes circling in the sky. Designers are planning to use lightweight glass and steel, instead of ducts and pipes, to build the roof. Installed solar power systems will generate a relevant amount of power to supply airport energy needs.


“Airport of Future” is a highly sustainable construction. It uses much less materials and energy compare to any other airport. New international airport is designed to draw in the fresh air from outside thus won’t use the regular air-conditioning system. Another feature that adds to its sustainability is self-recycling water system.

Sustainable constructions are our future. Shanghai Metal Corporation always keeps environmental sustainability in mind. SMC is a China`s leading supplier and manufacturer of steel and other metal products. We provide a wide range of offers for building construction.

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