“Skyscraper” actually means “city”, because they are created to solve the density issues of asphalt jungles. But what if we can use skyscrapers for other purposes as well? Discover Freshwater Factory Skyscraper.


Design Crew for Architecture proposed an alternative use of skyscrapers. Why not to turn one of them in a freshwater factory? Their project, presented at 2010 eVolo Skyscraper competition, presents the idea of countryside bubble-shaped skyscraper, which they say will be a new solution to farming needs.  There is no guarantee that this project will become a reality, but even the idea of it is great.

The consumption of fresh water grows everyday along with population growth. But world`s freshwater reserves are very limited, there is only 1% of fresh water left and if no actions taken we might face a severe crises by 2030. Freshwater bubble-shaped factory may be our saving path. It is to be filled with mangroves that would convert salt water into drinking water, which can be used after by farmers for irrigation. The total surface of the tower is one hectare. According to designers, one hectare of mangroves should be enough to produce about 30,000 liters of fresh water a day.


The tower is to be made of several circular tanks filled with brackish water, which will be delivered to tanks by tidal powered pumps. Mangroves feed on brackish water that after perspire out of the leaves as fresh. The fresh water sweat condensates into dew and then collected to freshwater tanks. Fresh water can be distributed to the fields by gravitational flow.

This tower was designed for Almeria province located in Spain. But such water filtering can be applied anywhere. Shanghai Metal Corporation pays high attention to our clients needs. We provide high quality building systems along with many other metal products.

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