Copper is “a ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity”. Does this throw you back to the school chemistry class? But probably your teacher didn’t tell you some amazing facts about copper. Time to discover them!


Nowadays copper is an essential part of our everyday life, it is commonly used at building construction and transportation along with electrical wiring and for plumber needs. Actually copper was the first metal ever manipulated by humans and it stays highly important in modern industry. Copper is one of world`s most-consumed industrial metal, after aluminum and iron.

Here are some facts, that might surprise you:

    1. Why copper turns green? Simple chemistry. Color change is an oxidation reaction. When exposed to water or air, copper loses electrons and turns dull green.

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  1. A standard car contains about 42 pounds of cooper. If car`s copper wiring were laid out it would stretch 1,5 km.
  2. Make copper is a part of your everyday meal. Copper is an important part of our diet, because it forms red blood cells that are essential for our body. Next time you go shopping, don’t forget to buy more beans, potatoes and leafy greens, because these products contain just enough amount of copper to keep you healthy.
  3. Copper is widely used in medical purposes. It kills microbes by interfering with their electrical charge, that’s why almost every hospital has surfaces covered with copper. If you are a social person and your house is always full of guests, you also might want to take this fact into consideration. But it doesn’t mean that you can stop following other sanitary norms!
  4. Copper is 100% recyclable. The process of recycling doesn’t change any of metal properties, in fact it retains 95% of its original value. That means that a large amount of copper which have been produced a long time ago is still in use.
  5. Aside from gold, copper is the only metal in periodic table which color isn’t naturally silver or grey.

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