You couldn`t, but notice, that recycling already became a part of our everyday life. “Recycle” templates are staring at you from every corner. Paper, plastic bottles, cans recycling firmly came to stay in our minds. But not everyone knows that metal can be recycled as well.


“Why would I care about metal recycling?” you might ask. Well, this is not a new information, but Earth`s resources are limited, so why not to help to its effective management. Let`s see what recycling brings us.

The first and one the most important reasons is environmental. Recycling helps us to preserve natural resources. Just like releasing of any other product, melting and remolding the used metal requires much less energy, than extracting the new one from its ore. Recycled metal can be used to manufacture cars, airplanes, building materials and many more. Producing of new metal adds to the increasing of greenhouse effect, which not only has influence on climate change, but also on our health. Carbon emissions increasing year by year, by recycling you reduce this amount which may help to stop further damage.

scrap metal recycling atlanta, recycling centers in atlanta
scrap metal recycling atlanta, recycling centers in atlanta

There are obvious economic benefits. According to the National Institute of Health, recycling metal creates 36 times more jobs than sending the same amount of metal waste to the incinerator. For instance, in USA, only in 2008, recycling industry supported 85,000 jobs. Recycling also allows government to use its funds more rationally. Money saved on producing can be spent on improving different sectors of economy.

Even though most people understand the importance of recycling, they still choose not to. Why? Because it is very inconvenient sometimes. Some cities still don’t have garbage recycling programs, which means that people have to solve the logistic problems themselves.

Demand for metals keeps growing, what we can do is to rationalize the usage. Shanghai Metal Corporation is China`s leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide array of metal products. We offer best quality products all along with thorough service and reasonable prices.

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