Metals In the Media 1-8 December

Photo Credit: HRL Laboratories


Maarten van Galderen has taken guitar design to new levels, embracing unusual sources of metal to build his custom instrument. Composed of sheet metal, beer cans and chains, his guitar not only looks awesome, but sounds great too!

Van Galderen starting with plasma cutting and welding sheet steel for the body, gradually laying the guitar with components such as a sink strainer basket mounted in the sound hole and crushed beer and soda cans in the body for decoration.

Check Out his Guitar Here


Lightest Metal Ever… Is 99.9 Percent Air?

The material, known as a “microlattice,” developed by scientists in Malibu, California, is co-owned by Boeing and General Motors. The new microlattice is made up of a network of tiny hollow tubes and is roughly 100 times lighter than Styrofoam.

Aerospace and automotive companies constantly strive to make their materials as lightweight as possible without sacrificing structural integrity, in an effort to save fuel. The process used to build the new microlattices holds huge promise, the researchers say, because the materials created are not only incredibly light, but also very strong.


Liquid-metal ‘nano-terminators’ to fight cancer cells

Researchers in the US have developed a biodegradable liquid metal that can be used as a drug delivery technique to target cancer cells.

“The advance here is that we have a drug-delivery technique that may enhance the effectiveness of the drugs being delivered, can help doctors locate tumours, can be produced in bulk, and appears to be wholly biodegradable with very low toxicity,” said Zhen Gu, a biomedical engineer in a joint program at North Carolina’s State University and University at Chapel Hill. Read More Here.


The Power of Metal 3D Printing Grows

Metal is all the rage lately, and it’s certainly only going to increase in popularity. 3D printing is also widening a growing fan base around the globe, as their potential for industrial uses is now beginning to be realized.

Allowing for components to be made rapidly and affordably with extreme strength and durability, printing with metal showed many the way to creating components that simply could not be made–or made as well–traditionally.


The Inferno Exotic Car – Featuring a STRETCHABLE Metal Body

Shown at the recent Expo Bancomer technology event, Inferno’s Exotic Car roadster looks stunning and also has some fascinating features.

Packing a twin-turbo V8 engine, the Exotic Car packs quite a punch under that hood,Top Gear reports: 670 torques and 1,400bhp horsepower will get you to 62mph in under three seconds and up to a top speed of 245mph.

But it’s not just the overall design and engine that are impressive. The actual hood is made of a particular zinc-aluminum-silver alloy known as “metal foam.” This type of metal is stretchable while also being very strong.



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