Spring steel is a name given to an extensive variety of steels utilized generally as a part of the production of springs, conspicuously in Automotive and Industrial suspension applications. These steels are by and large low-amalgam, medium-carbon steel or high-carbon steel with a high return quality. This permits objects made of spring steel to come back to their unique shape notwithstanding huge diversion or curving.


Utilizations of Spring Steel Strips incorporate crankshafts, controlling knuckles, apparatuses, shafts and pumps.

Common spring steel grades

SAE grade (ASTM grade)

Composition Yield strength Typical hardness [HRC] Maximum hardness [HRC] Comments
1074/1075 0.70–0.80% C, 0.50–0.80% Mn, max. 0.030% P, max. 0.035% S 62-78 ksi (430-530 MPa) 44–50 50 Scaleless blue steel
1080 (A228) 0.7-1.0% C, 0.2-0.6% Mn, 0.1-0.3%Si Piano wire, Music wire
1095 (A684) 0.90–1.03% C, 0.30–0.50% Mn, max. 0.030% P, max. 0.035% S 60–75 ksi (413–517 MPa) Annealed 48–51 59 Blue spring steel
5160 (A689) 0.55–0.65% C, 0.75–1.00% Mn, 0.70–0.90% Cr 97 ksi (669 MPa) 63 Chrome-silicon spring steel; fatigue-resistant
50CrV4 (EN 10277) 0.47-0.55% C, max. 1.10% Mn, 0.90-1.20% Cr, 0.10-0.20% V, max. 0.40% Si 1200 MPa Old British “735 steel”
9255 0.50–0.60% C, 0.70–0.95% Mn, 1.80–2.20% Si
301 Spring-temperedstainless steel(A666) 0.08–0.15% C, max. 2.00% Mn, 16.00–18.00% Cr, 6.00–8.00% Ni 147 ksi (1014 MPa) 42

Numerous evaluations of steel can be solidified and tempered to suit application as a spring, however a few steels show more attractive attributes for spring applications.


Applications incorporate piano wire, for example, ASTM A228 (0.80–0.95% carbon), which is otherwise called music wire, spring clasps, reception apparatuses, springs, and vehicle loop springs, leaf springs, and s-tines.

Spring steel is likewise generally utilized as a part of the production of metal swords utilized for stage battle because of its imperviousness to snapping or shattering.

Spring steel is a standout amongst the most prominent materials utilized as a part of the manufacture of lockpicks because of its malleability and strength.

Tubular spring steel is utilized as a part of a percentage of the littler air ship’s arrival gear because of its capacity to retain the stun from landing and likewise acts like damping.

It is likewise ordinarily utilized as a part of the making of blades, particularly for the Nepalese kukri.

Shanghai Metal Corporation as a being one of the biggest makers and suppliers of metal products, supplies an assortment of steel strips.

Uses of Spring Steel Strips incorporate crankshafts, directing knuckles, apparatuses, axles and pumps.

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> Steel Wire &Steel Rope

> Copper Clad Steel Strip






Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spring_steel#cite_note-bookilootedfromanabandonedwarehouse-9


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