Glass wool is an insulating material made from fibers of glass (glass fibers a material consisting of numerous extremely fine fibers of glass) arranged using a binder into a texture similar to wool.

The procedure traps numerous little pockets of air between the glass, and this little air takes result in high warm protection properties.17527

Glass fleece is created in rolls or in pieces, with various warm and mechanical properties. It might likewise be created as a material that can be splashed or connected set up, at first glance to be protected.

The cutting edge strategy for delivering glass fleece is the innovation of Games Slayter working at the Owens-Illinois Glass Co. (Toledo, Ohio). He initially connected for a patent for another procedure to make glass fleece in 1933.

Principles of function

Gasses have poor warm conduction properties contrasted with fluids and solids, and along these lines make a decent protection material on the off chance that they can be caught. Keeping in mind the end goal to further expand the adequacy of a gas, (for example, air) it might be upset into little cells which can’t successfully exchange heat by common convection. Convection includes a bigger mass stream of gas driven by lightness and temperature contrasts, and it doesn’t function admirably in little cells where there is little thickness distinction to drive it.

With a specific end goal to perform arrangement of little gas cells in man-made warm protection, glass and polymer materials can be utilized to trap air in a froth like structure. The same guideline utilized as a part of glass fleece is utilized as a part of other man-made protectors, for example, rock fleece, styrofoam, wet suit neoprene froth fabrics, and fabrics, for example, Gore-Tex and polar wool. The air-catching property is additionally the protection standard utilized as a part of nature in down quills, and protecting hair, for example, normal fleece.

Manufacturing process

CSIRO_ScienceImage_2175_Installing_Insulation_Batts.jpgAfter the mixture of natural sand and recycled glass at 1,450 °C,the glass that is produced is changed over into strands. It is regularly delivered in a technique like making cotton sweet, constrained through a fine work by centripetal power, cooling on contact with the air. The attachment and mechanical quality of the item is gotten by the vicinity of a cover that “bonds” the strands together. In a perfect world, a drop of bonder is put at every fiber crossing point. This fiber mat is then warmed to around 200 °C to polymerize the gum and is calendared to give it quality and dependability. The last stage includes cutting the fleece and pressing it in rolls or boards under high weight before palletizing the completed item so as to encourage transport and capacity.


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glass cotton board.jpgShanghai Metal Corporation widely supply glass wool all around the world. It can be used as Glass cotton board is widely used for heat insulation and sound absorption in industrial workshops, prefab houses, portable cabins, warehouses, public facilities, exhibition centers, shopping malls, and a variety of indoor playgrounds, sports stadiums, etc.


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