Copper is a vital mineral required by the body for bone and connective tissue generation, and for coding particular proteins that range in capacity from taking out free radicals to creating melanin. A lack in copper can prompt osteoporosis, joint torment, brought down resistance, and since copper is key for the assimilation of iron, weakness.

Then again, over-utilization of copper will prompt issues, loose bowels, and heaving in the short term, and can prompt despondency, schizophrenia, hypertension, infirmity, and sleep deprivation in the long haul. Copper in extensive sums can even be toxic. The stomach should be acidic keeping in mind the end goal to retain copper and in this way acid neutralizers meddle with the ingestion of copper, as do drain and egg proteins. The current DV for copper is 2mg. The following is a rundown of high copper sustenance for additional, see the arrangements of high copper nourishment by supplement thickness, and copper rich sustenances.

1:  Seafood (Oysters, Cooked)Seafood

Copper in 100g Per 3oz (85g) Per 6 oysters (42g)
5.71mg (285% DV) 4.85mg (243% DV) 2.4mg (120% DV)

2:  Raw Kale 


Copper in 100g Per cup, chopped (16g) Per cup, cooked* (130g)
1.5mg (75% DV) 0.24mg (12% DV) 0.2mg (10% DV)

3: Mushrooms (Shiitake, Cooked)


Copper in 100g Per cup, pieces (145g) Per 4 mushrooms (72g)
0.9mg (45% DV) 1.3mg (65% DV) 0.65mg (32% DV)

4: Seeds (Sesame Seeds)


Copper in 100g Per cup (144g) Per ounce (28g)
4.08mg (204% DV) 5.88mg (294% DV) 1.14mg (57% DV)

5: Nuts (Cashew Nuts)


Copper in 100g Per cup (137g) Per ounce (28g)
2.22mg (111% DV) 3.04mg (152% DV) 0.62mg (31% DV)

6: Beans (Chickpeas, Cooked)

Dry beans

Copper in 100g Per cup (164g) Per 1/2 cup (82g)
0.35mg (18% DV) 0.58mg (29% DV) 0.29mg (15% DV)

7: Dried Fruit (Prunes)


Copper in 100g Per cup (132g) Per 1/2 cup (66g)
0.61mg (31% DV) 0.81mg (40% DV) 0.40mg (20% DV) 

8: Avocadoes 

ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weiss

Copper in 100g Per cup puréed (230g) Per avocado (201g)
0.19mg (10% DV) 0.44mg (22% DV) 0.38mg (19% DV)

9: Goat Cheese (Soft)


Copper in 100g Per half-cup (112g) Per ounce (28g)
0.73mg (37% DV) 0.84mg (40% DV) 0.21mg (10% DV)

10: Fermented Soy Foods (Tempeh)


Copper in 100g Per cup (166g) Per 1/2 cup (83g)
0.56mg (28% DV) 0.93mg (47% DV) 0.47mg (24% DV)




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