danielfloressebastiancalero_rdphouse_db_02.jpgLocated on a relatively flat grassy site in la tomeca, Mexico, just outside of the hectic environment of Tijuana, local architect Daniel Moreno Flores has recently completed the rdp house from reclaimed shipping containers. The client’s particular penchant for mechanical assemblies and metal as a material led to the decision to design a house using recycled metal containers which are affordable and in great abundance. It was clear that every one of the associations and materials the structure the structure of the house were to stay uncovered, reveling the customer in his craving to live in a machine whose capacity and development were effortlessly comprehended at each point and level of subtle element.


Seven 20-foot containers as well as one 40-foot container were used in the project, maintaining the worn weathered nature of each module, allowing the dents and scratches to tell the story of each piece’s history. The compartments were put on the site in order to contain the encased spaces, for example, the rooms, bathrooms, stockpiling territories, and lounge room, with almost no done to physically adjust the look or capacity of the holders as they exist in the first shape. Only calculated modifications were made so as to improve the ventilation or integration of electrical or mechanical systems.

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The construction was executed over four phases that gradually built the structure as a whole. First, the concrete platform foundations were poured to supports the metal crates, whose positioning made up the second phase. Secondly steel shafts range between the holders to bolster the rooftop framework, and finally pulleys and elastic links were introduced to bolster the optional rooftop frameworks and storefront glass dividers that traverse the voids between the compartments. Wooden boards were utilized to characterize walkways, cladding material, and roof, giving a glow and cadence to the stylish which is generally basically portrayed by glass, creased metal, and cement.

You can observe the whole house in 3d by clicking here .

Source: http://www.designboom.com/architecture/daniel-moreno-flores-and-sebastian-calero-rdp-house-mexico-04-17-2016/

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