Smartwatches may not be the most helpful apparatuses, but rather most today offer an approach to associate with advanced colleagues like Google Now or Siri. You’ll soon have the capacity to add Amazon’s Alexa to that rundown, if iMCO and Cronologics have their direction.

The CoWatch is a smartwatch planned by Chinese organization iMCO Technology, and it runs Cronologics OS. On the off chance that the last sounds commonplace, that is on the grounds that they’re the same group giving the working framework to the famous Blocks measured smartwatch, which got more than $1.6 million in subsidizing from its Kickstarter crusade.

The smartwatch, which is presently on Indiegogo, pretty much offers the same components as most smartwatches today. It tracks your wellness action, including your heart rate, and it gives you a chance to redo your watch face.


Where it emerges is its combination of Amazon’s cloud-based voice right hand, Alexa. On the off chance that you can move beyond conversing with your wrist, you can rapidly and effortlessly ask Alexa questions, get an activity report, call a Uber, and control your associated home.

 Ceramic and metal

iMCO has opted for a round smartwatch design, and is featuring a stainless steel silver or black design. It will also boast a Super AMOLED display, at a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels. That’s all powered by a dual-core 1.2Ghz processor, with 8GB of flash. iMCO claims the watch will last up to 32 hours of “normal use,” even with an always-on screen.

There’s also a ceramic ring on the underside of the watch, which Eric Jin, co-founder of iMCO, says can be customizable by color. Jin says the CoWatch is the first smartwatch to use ceramic — an up-and-coming trend with ceramic being utilized in Xiaomi’s Mi5, and the OnePlus X.

Along with customizing your watch face, you can also opt for a different band, like a leather variant. The CoWatch can be paired via Bluetooth with an Android or iOS device.



Cronologics Operating System

Cronologics OS still has a far approach to offer a smooth ordeal. There were a couple hiccups when Cronologics CEO and fellow benefactor Leor Stern gave us a look at the Android-based working framework, however as he reminded us the product isn’t done yet, and will be more refined as the item nears dispatch.


The OS is like what some other Android Wear launchers offer right now, for example, Pujie Black. Tapping on a sub-dial on your watch face will open an application, and you can set every sub-dial to whatever application you like. Swiping right or left on the watch face will gone through more applications you have pre-set in those dials.

The OS lets you send messages (in the demo Stern used canned responses) and offers the standard “garden variety” fitness tracking features. Alexa is the highlight here, and Stern simply had to tap a button to ask a question.

“Remind me to get toner,” Stern demanded — and Alexa said she added “toner” to his to-do list. He then told Alexa to turn his “bedroom off,”

Stern, who helped found NianticLabs at Google, says Alexa is the best solution that’s cloud-native. Google Now works best for Android devices, and Siri works only on iOS.

“By having Alexa on your wrist, you have access to, not just your Amazon ecosystem … not just your home … but also all of the ecosystem, which Amazon has been cultivating very well, of third-party integrations.”

Stern told Digital Trends.

But the CoWatch’s biggest roadblock is to get developers to build apps, watch faces, and tools for for users, and Stern says it’s “never trivial.”

“The CoWatch is a pretty compelling device, it’s coming out at a pretty compelling price point,” Stern said. “We believe when we open there will be enough of these out there … to make it attractive and worthwhile for folks to want to develop for.”

The starting price for the CoWatch in the Indiegogo campaign is $159, and the campaign will feature several perks and accessories, like different watch bands, for early adopters.

Source: http://www.digitaltrends.com/wearables/cowatch

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