Aluminum’s flexibility, quality and light weight are a percentage of the qualities that make it appealing in such a large number of various applications


Tailor-made items for various needs .An aluminum alloy is a mixture of aluminum metal and other types of metal. Aluminum compounds are normally made to upgrade material properties.

The properties of aluminum change when different metals are included. These different metals can give aluminum more prominent:

  • Strength
  • Brilliance
  • Ductility
  • Formability

Aluminum is light, solid, and impervious to consumption and breaking. However, for aluminum to be a solid development material, it should be blended with little measures of different metals. When mixed in appropriate portions, aluminum’s strength can equal that of steel, yet its weight is still only one-third of the weight of steel. Aluminum alloys are often used in engineering structures and components where light weight or corrosion resistance is required.

The most well-known components utilized as a part of aluminum combinations are magnesium, silicon, manganese, zinc and copper.

Alloy development is the basis for further metal processing, giving the metal the specifications required by the market. Alloys are critical to meet the specific needs of our customers, and Hydro is a leading supplier of downstream aluminum products to building, packaging, transportation and lithographic markets.

The alloys can be tailor-made to suit each customer’s needs, and are often developed in close cooperation with our customers. Our expertise in metals enables us to help our customers improve their product range. This way, our cathouse products really add value.

Extruded products

Extrusion implies warming an ingot of aluminum and squeezing it under high weight through a bite the dust molded like the completed expulsion. Like crushing toothpaste out of a tube.

Unadulterated aluminum is just utilized as a part of a constrained way financially. The dominant part of expulsions is produced using aluminum alloyed with different metals.

The rate through the forming apparatus relies on upon what metals the composite is made of, and how confounded the example of the instrument is.




The expulsions are then drawn out onto an accepting table, stacked and permitted to cool. They are then tempered and slice to a predetermined length. A few expulsions get a surface completion.

The expulsion system has verging on boundless conceivable outcomes for configuration. That, and the way that we can work in components that spare both work and cash, makes aluminum expulsions the perfect development material.

With the right combination and appropriate warm treatment, expulsions offer incalculable application opportunities. This is additionally an energizing premise for item change.


Precision tubing

It is an innovative source of aluminum solutions for a wide range of applications. Precision tubing is often used for heat transfer applications, in other words to move heat from one location to another. These applications are used in motor vehicles, refrigerators and air conditioning, ventilation, solar power and heating systems.


Rolled products

Aluminium rolled products can be used for a very wide variety of purposes, especially in the manufacturing of food and pharmaceutical product packaging, but can also be found in construction (for manufacturing roofs, façades, gutters, Venetian blinds, doors), in the transport industry (sheets for the construction of all types of vehicles, for trailers and cases, rims, external ship, train and plane covers) and for consumer and industrial products (circles for manufacturing containers, coils for heat exchangers, sheets for traffic signs, advertising boards, fences, etc.).






Do not  forget that Shanghai Metal Corporation provides you with a great selection metals such as aluminum which can be use for various applications. foil. Feel free to contact us for further information. We have English-speaking staff who will be more than glad to help you.SMC is a producer of rolled aluminum products. We supply nearly all applications in aluminum, from solid containers to ultra-thin aluminum.



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