Finnish architect Joanna Laajisto has consolidated mint-shaded ridged metal divider boards with red-orange marble furniture inside this eatery in Helsinki.

Laajisto redesignd the space for the OX eatery on the city’s Pieni Roobertinkatu road, and utilized the menu to impact the inside configuration.

“The biggest inspiration for me was the food the chefs wanted to serve at OX,” Laajisto told Dezeen.

“They really didn’t want to categorise the food in a specific way, but described it to me as classic European with some North African influences – classic with contemporary twists.”

This complexity is the thing that motivated Laajisto to join ridged metal divider framing in a delicate pastel shading with red-orange calfskin couches and marble tables.

The undulated metal dividers, which depend on a visit to an old slaughterhouse, give acoustics to the eatery – implying that no acoustic boards should have been added to the roof.

“Many years ago I attended a private diner at an old slaughterhouse where was a long table set in a room with unfinished corrugated metal walls,” she said. “Candles were the only source of light and the acoustics were wonderful.”

“Ever since then I have wanted to use corrugated metal panels to create a soft, atmospheric environment.”

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“Corrugated panels work as a great acoustical element so no acoustical ceiling elements were needed at OX.”

Before it got to be OX, the space was a steak house for over 40 years. While upgrading the eatery, Laajisto meant to make another kind of air, while as yet having the capacity to fit 39 seats into the moderately little space.

She moved the kitchen to be amidst the room, a component that she alludes to as “the heart of the eatery”.

A marble-bested counter table suits single cafes, while a blend of round tables produced using rust-shaded marble and rectangular wooden tables can situate bigger gatherings.

Laajisto planned every one of the couches, tabletops and settled furniture herself, yet the seats and bar stools are by Thonet.

For lighting, biased based impediment pendants by Swedish Rubn are utilized to make a “faint state of mind”.

“And as the restaurant is called OX, the owners wanted to use some horns in the decor,” said Laajisto. “I found a perfect way of doing that with a 1950s vintage table lamp by Louis Kalff that sits on the bar with its horns.”

Laajisto also designed the interior for a nearby restaurant in the Finnish capital, which she based on 1940s kiosks


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